The Barbi Twins Today: Shane & Sia Barbi

In the Nineties, the stunning blonde twins were international celebrities and sex icons.

Nineties sex icons, the Barbi twins Shane and Sia Barbi represented a plastic, blonde perfection that has probably infiltrated most men’s desires. And there are two of them! With their outrageously voluptuous bodies and lioness blonde hair, they stopped traffic (literally) in their heyday and became sort of like the Kardashians of their period: famous for being beautiful and consorting with celebrities.

Underneath it all, they hid their anorexia and neurotic behavior. They created an industry from their calendars and products and also became avid supporters of animal rights. Shane Barbi has dated and married actor Ken Wahl, and the going joke was that Wahl had lived every man’s dream by marrying both of the twins.

However, it has since been known that Sia is in fact a lesbian, and is unmarried. Interestingly enough, the twins claim that their mother was also a lesbian and dated closeted singer Dusty Springfield for two years.

Here are the Barbi Twins in all their nineties, power-suit glory on the Geraldo Show.

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