My husband loves cycling but I don’t, he goes cycling every Saturday morning. We have been married for ten years now and I had no idea what to get him for our anniversary. After going through several options I opted to get him the best heart rate monitor watch with GPS which he could use every time he went out cycling.

I actually had no idea why having a heart rate monitor was important until I actually did a bit of research on the internet. I was surprised that I had never thought of getting one for myself. One of the importance of having a heart rate monitor as I learnt was that it helps keep your heart rate within the recommended rate while you exercise. Sometimes people tend to overdo their work outs which leads to an abnormally high heart rate which is quite dangerous. If your heart rate goes beyond the recommended rate, your heart rate monitor will alert you so that you can tone it down a little to avoid injury.

Another great advantage of a heart rate monitor is the fact that it helps you assess your improvement. To be able to challenge your body, you must be able to make slight improvements in your exercise. Having a heart rate monitor helps you record your fitness and helps you assess whether you are indeed improving your fitness or whether you are on a plateau. If you want to push yourself further so that you see better results, then I would suggest getting a heart rate monitor.

I also learnt that there are several different heart rate monitors which have varied features, personally I went for the best heart rate monitor watch with GPS because I felt that it would come in handy especially when my husband chooses to cycle on a new path which he is unfamiliar with. I am pretty sure that he will appreciate the fact that the GPS in his heart rate monitor will broaden his routes and he will no longer be limited to routes that he knows.

I have a feeling my husband will appreciate the gift especially because I have noticed that he seems to be on a mission to be even more committed to exercising these last few months. Perhaps the fear of growing old has finally caught up with him and he wants to ensure he maintains his youth for as long as he can. Personally, I just like the fact that he is on a mission to remain healthy, because to me he will always be handsome, even when he is old and wrinkled.